Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Wishlist :)

Here are some stuff want for Christmas.

Skullcanday Hesh Black White.


Skull Candy Hesh Gray Black.

and maybe i'll have my ipod classic battery and case replaced.

i hope i could buy all of these. haha.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rakista Jam 5 (Rakrakan 9.9)

On June 13, 2009, Rakista Jam 5 was held at Will's Attic, Quezon Ave. For the second time, our band played. Hindi ko expected na may makakaappreciate ng music namin. Sobrang overwhelming. Masaya, nag-enjoy kaming lahat ng gma kabanda ko. Sana makagawa na ng demo tracks. haha. Can't wait to play again and own the stage! Hell Yeah! Bukas nga pala may gig kami sa Floydrose Bar, Tatalon Q.C. We played three original songs, and one cover song.

Here are some of our pictures nung gig :)

This is me.

Guitarist namin.

Bassist namin.

Drummer namin.

random pics.

Monday, June 1, 2009

punk/ hardcore

it's been ages since the last time i made a blog entry. wala kasi akong gana. walang maisip na pwedeng iblog. Well, just for the sake of blogging, naisip kong magsulat about music, punk/ hardcore to be specific.

Just want to share what i'm into right now. So, ayun nga, i'm so addicted to hardcore and punk music. Actually, me and my bandmates decided to play punk, mixed with hardcore music. Not just for the sake of playing, but that's really what we want. Aggressive, direct lyrics. Hell yeah! We all have the same wants. Tirahin lahat ng baboy sa lipunan. Mapa pulitiko, ordinaryong mamamayan, artista, sikat, at mga hindi sikat thru the songs we make. Tamaan na ang tamaan.

Here are some of the bands that i'm currently listening to, some of my favorites:

Government Warning
Comeback Kid
Comeback kid
The Casualties
My Own Victim

Tinatamad na akong isa-isahin lahat. There's so much of them.