Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Im bored. I'm at the office but i have no work to do. No updates for the website. Nothing. I'm keeping myself busy with playing this web-based RPG game, chatting and editing my blog's layout, yet i get bored.

A friend texted me last night, asking if i could do her a favor. Make her a t-shirt design. Actually, this is not my first time make a t-shirt design. I already made several designs for Rakista Clans/ Forums@rakista.com

Anyway, Cai wanted "PLAYLIZT" printed on the front side of a green-colored shirt, a restaurant's logo on the lower right sleeve of it, name/s on the upper back, and a quote saying "GROOVIN' FOR GOD" on the lower back part of the shirt. All in black font with a silver lining. What i did is a gray lining instead. haha. I made this about 10 minutes ago. So, this is what i came up with.



As you can see, there's nothing unique with the designs. I just want to share it.

Give me something else to do, please. I really hate getting bored. Damn! If i could just take a nap or the best thing, sleep here. But i'm afraid that i might get caught. haha. They might get my ass kicked! It feels like I am getting paid for doing nothing. lol. Whatever.



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